Tablets everywhere. Apple says, “What me worry?”
MyMac Podcast #428

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Gaz and Guy are back just in tie for…something. Neither storms, poor iOS map directions, nor giant rocks could keep them away. They talk about OTHER people’s 7-inch tablets, Apple management shake-up, and why iTunes is a tad late.

Some Links:
Gaz’s App Pick: Summly by Summly Limited FREE!
Guy’s App Pick: Zombiewood by GameLoft Free with the usual add ons.

One thought on “Tablets everywhere. Apple says, “What me worry?”
MyMac Podcast #428

  1. Just caught up on this podcast. Just one comment so far 🙂

    I believe you *can* rely on a phone GPS navigation if you use one that installs the map as part of the application, like TomTom or CoPilot, since these don’t rely on an internet connection to update the map whilst on the move. The map is already on your phone, just like a dedicated navigation device.

    Other apps, like Apple Maps, Waze, that do update the map whilst you are travelling are of course reliant on a good internet connection/signal so should be less relied upon as you said.



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