LapDawg X4 Laptop Table Review

Manufacturer: LapDawg
MSRP: $89.00

The LapDawg X4 is a lot more than just a laptop table. It’s a bed tray, an iPad tray, laptop tray, a TV table, and because of its flexibility, it can serve many other functions.

The tray is made from heavy-duty aluminum with a rubber bumper along one edge. Its two legs each have three jointed sections. These sections can be rotated a full 360 degrees so that nearly any configuration is possible. Each joint has precise degree markings so that if you discover a position that you like, you can make a note of them to recreate the same settings the next time.

The ability to change the tilt of the tray’s surface allows positioning for eating (flat), using a laptop (low tilt), and a book or an iPad (higher tilt). Nearly limitless adjustability is this table’s strong point. LapDawg’s suggestion sheet shows the unit with its legs extended as a TV tray table. However, at this height, the whole thing wobbles too much to hold a beverage safely.

The best use for the LapDawg X4 is as a stand for reading or computing on the couch, in a chair, or in bed. It can be configured with the legs pointing forward or backward, allowing the rubberized support lip to be facing you or the back edge. This laptop tray is nicely designed, precisely engineered, and well-constructed, except for the instability at full height extension.

 MyMac rating 8 out of 10


One thought on “LapDawg X4 Laptop Table Review

  1. This lapdawg in my opinion is great for use with laptop and reading. the lapdawg is like a bridge over your legs instead of it sitting on your lap. It is flimsy but I don’t lean on it so it don’t matter. I wish the joints wasn’t made of plastic. It would be nice if they made this in a bigger size so that you can use it with 18″ and up laptops. Very versatile, portable and light weight. when at home, when i am done using the lapdawg i fold it flat and tuck it under my couch sweet. I am very happy with the lapdawg and would recommend it to anyone only if you can afford it

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