WordPress on an iPad


As I’ve been moaning about for the last year on the MyMac.com Podcast, I’m not taking a Mac laptop to the Macworld Expo this year. I’ve decided to do everything on my 1st generation iPad to include audio, video, and blogging. All edited with a trusty iOS device. Oh I’ll have my iPhone 4S too to actually record the audio and video, but everything else will be done with my iPad.

Sounds crazy right? Why the heck would I do this when I have a perfectly capable MacBook Pro just sitting around gathering dust? Well I guess the only answer I can think off is because I can. I really want to see if I can leave most of the stuff I normally take to the Macworld Expo behind and just walk around a little lighter than usual.

To give you an example, here’s what I have taken for the last 4-5 years:

  1. A 2.33GHz 15-inch MacBook Pro
  2. An extra battery for said MBP
  3. All the various support hardware (cables, power supplies, and so forth)
  4. At least one HD camcorder (with extra batteries, cables, ect.)
  5. Microphones, microphone adapters of various kinds to fit various devices
  6. Portable Hard Drives and all their cables
  7. A tripod for the camcorder
  8. A Pelican case to put all this stuff in which in itself is big and bulky

So, all this stuff much of which sits unused but if I didn’t have it I most certainly at some point would have needed it and had to go out and another. It’s all a pain the neck to carry around and going through airports dragging this big case behind me can’t be doing my back any good. So I decided it was time to economize as far as the crap I carry. If everything goes as planned, I’ll have one small bag with my iPhone, iPad, some 30-pin connnectors, and USB adapters to power everything up. I figure I’ll probably leave behind well over 30 pounds of ugly fat behind (insert joke about cutting off my own head to accomplish the same thing).

I guess the big question is how well will it work? We’ll see, but this particular blog post was written directly in WordPress in Safari on an iPad.

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