Choice TidBits from Tonya Engst
MyMac Podcast #384

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If you like Listener Feedback and interviews you’ll LOVE this show. Guy’s wife has a bit of an incident but she’s OK now (which means Guy is cleared for MacWorld!), Gaz has OCD or does OCD have Gaz? Guy and Gaz prove without a shadow of a doubt that neither have Polyphobia and Tonya Engst from TidBits comes on to talk a bit about Tids and ePublishing

Some links:
The TidBits website  and Take Control books

The Movies Ferel Interactive $29.99 at the Mac App Store

Coversutra by Sophiestication Software 2.99 Pounds UK or $4.99 US

The Music:
Nightwalker – Negativa Please visit and check out the artists that supply great music to our podcast!

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MyMac Podcast #384

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