Tips on How to Keep a Virus-Free PC

The good news for fans of online games is that you have more choices than ever when it comes to enjoying free and premium games, but you’ll also have to be more careful when playing and downloading online games due to the risk of viruses. It’s not an issue you’ll have to worry about if you’re buying traditional PC games from major publishers but viruses and malware can be a real risk when playing and downloading online games. Whether you’re playing a no download casino games, a simple Flash game, or strategy games, some basic tips and common sense will keep you virus-free.

One of the easiest steps you can take to avoid viruses is to simply do your gaming on safe, trusted sites such as Facebook that has a process in place that makes it very difficult for anyone to get a virus from playing Facebook-approved games. That doesn’t mean you can’t get viruses from Facebook or from clicking content there, as you most definitely can, but games that are approved for distribution via Facebook have all been vetted and approved and are nearly guaranteed to be free of viruses and other malware.

The same tip applies to other games as well, especially any that involve downloading, as far as sticking to portals and websites that have a good reputation and a process in place to examine and screen any games submitted. Sites like Pogo, AddictingGames, and GameHouse are all solid choices and have very good reputations as far as safe and secure places to enjoy thousands of different free online games.

Many casino and poker games are also a very safe bet as well, as the multi-billion dollar a year online gambling industry spends millions of dollars every year to ensure the security and safety of its games. While you always run a risk when playing roulette games or blackjack it’s the standard one of possibly being unlucky and losing, as it’s next to impossible to get a virus from downloading software from official casino and poker sites.

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