Wicked Audio Reverb Headphones

Reverb Headphones
Company: Wicked Audio
MSR Price: $30.00 USD


With iPods, iPhones and iPads everywhere, and they being the way that most people listen to their music, the use of headphones has skyrocketed; be they earbuds, in the ear, on the ear or over the ear models. Since I really enjoy the pleasure of listening to my music without infringing upon others, I am always on the lookout for new things to try out. When the chance came along to try out something new, I went for it and tried out Wicked Audio’s Reverb Headphones that promise music like you’ve never heard before.


Inside the box you will find the headphones, which are over-the-ear style, a six-foot extension cord that you can plug the three-foot cord that comes with the headphones into if you need that additional reach and a 1/4 inch adaptor plug. The box and the information that is available on the headphones states that they provide enhanced bass. The specs advise that the headphones frequency range is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, the drivers are 40mm and the impedance is 32 ohms. For most everyday users, that is going to mean absolutely nothing at all. What counts is how they sound when you are listening to your music.


To be quite honest, I wasn’t really sure how they would perform when I took them out of the box. The first thing that struck me was that they screamed “Plastic” at me. Now I have nothing against plastic headphones, just about every pair that I do own is composed of plastic and plastic on headphones is everywhere but these just come across too strongly. Since I have a head size that is a bit above a “normal” size hat size, the headphones had to be extended to the limit to properly sit on my head to cover my ears. That extension of the headphones I will get into a little bit further in the review.


The enhanced bass that the box spoke of is actually there. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I plugged them into my Mac and cranked up iTunes and began to listen to different genres, from rock, jazz and alternative. The volume is there and while the bass is also there, at times it did have a tendency to overwhelm the mid and high tones. Yet the sound produced was not that bad that I would complain about it while I continued to listen to music through them. Since the headphones are lightweight and the cushions provide a soft interface, wearing them for an extended period of time is not a problem at all.


What did begin to really bother me was the fact that because the headphones were extended to the end to cover my ears, what I really began to notice was the creaking plastic noise that I constantly heard if I moved my head the slightest degree. The idea of headphones is to be able to enjoy your music without the outside noise interfering with your enjoyment. Sadly, the noise of the headphones creaking did nothing to enhance my listening pleasure. I was also concerned that because the headphones were extended, they might break, again that scream of “plastic” coming back to haunt me.


Now while the listed MSRP for the headphones is $30, a quick google search turned up the headphones being sold for between $16 to $30 at numerous web sites. If you are really into the bass side of the music you listen to and you are looking for an inexpensive set of headphones that you can cart around with you, you may want to consider these Reverbs.


The Reverbs come in three different color schemes: Blue with a Black pattern; Red with a Black pattern and White with a Black pattern.


All in all, I give the Wicked Audio Reverb Headphones a My Mac rating of 6 out of a possible 10.





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