Samson Meteor Mic

Samson Meteor Mic — Studio USB Microphone
Samson Technologies
$99 US

Samson’s new premium quality, compact, retro-stylish USB microphone is outstanding. No software installation is necessary. Set your System Preferences Sound Input to use the Meteor, adjust your input volume level, and start recording, singing, talking, or playing music with professional results. It’s that easy, and that good.

I did a podcast recording review of Meteor Mic and awarded it the highest possible rating. Then I did a podcast interview, and the interviewer said I sounded perfect. I keep coming up with reasons to use it, because the experience is so positive in every way. Note: I place Meteor onto a small, solid hard drive RAID case to elevate it to the height of my mouth for optimum vocal clarity.

Meteor Mic ships with three convenient folding built-in legs that are integral to its clever design. Attractive chrome finish is used on the all-metal housing. A long USB cable and a small carrying case are included. Thorough printed instructions explain all possible uses and features of this product. Meteor has a versatile cardiod area of sensitivity.

You can see photos, videos, and written material, including features and specs about Meteor Mic at its dedicated web site. Samson Tech has done an outstanding job packaging and presenting Meteor Mic.

For $100 you get a micro-mic that will last the rest of your life. The peak volume indicator, playback volume knob, and pass-through headphone jack add value to this best-of-class little gem. So do the mic stand adapter thread and mute switch.

iChat/Skype/FaceTime? Yes! Home/portable recording? Yes! Narration/voiceover? Yes! Works with iPad? Yes! Will Samson have to pry Meteor Mic out of my cold, dead hands? Yes!

Here is the original podcast with my rave review and MyMac Review Rating rare perfect score 10 out of 10.


Just before this review was submitted for publication, I received the following unsolicited letter from Mark Greentree, our reviewer and podcaster, edited slightly for relevance:

I finally decided on a new Microphone to record Not Another Mac Podcast with. When I first started the show I never thought it would become as well respected as it has and the guest list on the show has been nothing short of amazing. It was therefore time to upgrade from the original headset microphone I had been using to get my foot in the podcasting door. It was a good headset and is called the Logitech H530.I put the word out based on a conversation with Allison Sheridan that I was interested in picking up a new microphone. Advice flooded in and I would like to thank everyone for their opinions. I certainly took them into consideration.The two microphones which kept being discussed were the Blue Yeti and Samson Meteor microphones.Most people suggested the Blue Yeti. I’ve never been one to conform to the masses so I started to look seriously at the Samson Meteor Mic. Throughout researching this I came across two undeniable positives for the Samson over that of the Blue Yeti. John Nemo who is reviews editor of did an audio review on Scott Wilsey’s Pocket Sized Podcast #33.

John gave it a perfect score. Being a writer for and working closely with John on reviews over the last couple of months I understand very clearly that MyMac does not issue perfect scores for just any product unless it is the best of the best.

The other positive for the Samson Meteor Mic was a review and direct comparison with the sound quality done by TUAW.

Besides those two very positive reviews I also looked at function and price. The Meteor Mic will work with the iPad and the camera connection kit without the need for an additional powered USB hub. The Yeti in comparison does require a powered hub to be used. This gives me the option to travel with only my iPad and record podcasts via Skype with the help of my guests.

Another big plus was I saved AU$90 in picking up the Samson Meteor Mic over the Blue Yeti. Unfortunately, I was about to order the Blue Yeti from Amazon only to find out they would not ship to Australia. I love Amazon but the limitations are frustrating to say the least as we don’t have a local arm of the company. The price of the Blue Yeti In Australia was between AU$180-$249. Amazon US would have sold it to me for as little as $110. Sometimes I hate been a consumer in Australia. There is no reason for the price difference as the Australian and US dollars are close to parity.

Regardless I feel I have ordered a good microphone which will serve me well for years to come. I anxiously await its delivery to be able to put it through its paces.

Thanks again to everyone who has given me advice.

Thank you, Mark!


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