Why DO We Buy Apple Stuff
MyMac Podcast #366

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A show with many twists and turns! From a Webcomic artist who had problems with her iPhone Danielle Corsetto (http://www.girlswithslingshots.com) to John Astin from the Aadams Family, we really run the gauntlet with this show. We ask, “Will you buy an iPhone 5 even if it means breaking your existing contract and what might tempt people to buy a tablet not from Apple. OH, and Guy screws up the beginning of the second segment not once, but twice and if you listen ALLLLL the way to the end you can hear it too!

Some Links:
10 Apple concepts we (well someone) wished were real
Stop Motion Jonny Quest opening theme
Love and Capes webcomic 

App Picks:
Tank Battles from GameLoft $6.99
Official Rugby World Cup App Free
People’s Pick from Gary Apter, Tour Wrist Free

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