HP TouchPad – Cloning
TechFan Podcast #41

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Tim Robertson has an HP TouchPad! Is it as good as an iPad? Should you consider buying one? Tim goes into depth after his first week with the tablet. Our new semi-regular segment Technology in the Movies kicks off with the concept of Cloning from the 1984 film Starman, staring Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. We would love to hear your suggestions on what technologies in the movies we should talk about! Contact us below!

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2 thoughts on “HP TouchPad – Cloning
TechFan Podcast #41

  1. I believe you stated you were comparing the HP Touchpad to the original iPad released 16+ months ago. As with the tablets on the market today, the non-Apple brands have barely reached the iPad1 standard and it will be several years of ‘apple to oranges’ before we get ‘apple to apple’ comparisons . (Pun may or may not be intended.)

    As to movie science fiction becoming actual lifetime experiences:

    In “Disclosure” (1994) the use of gestures to access computer data with as I recall special gloves and goggles are similar to gestures now used in Lion. Will we some day get to the a place where minuscule electronics imbedded in figure tips and contact lenses be our gateway to interactive media?

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