How Would Spaces Look on an iOS Device?

If you are a person who reads the news, speculation, and rumors about any Apple product you know that iOS 5 rumors and speculation is in full swing. One of these rumors I saw (and I don’t remember where) was that Spaces is coming to iOS 5. When I first heard this I thought this was a stupid idea. However, now that I have thought about it I think I have figured out a way it might work.

Spaces on the Mac allows you to have additional desktop “spaces” with certain applications. You could have a space for productivity applications, a space for internet/email, etc. When you run a certain application it will only be visible in its assigned space.

So how does this translate to iOS? Well, how about this set up…..

Right now you might have apps in folder for productivity apps, internet apps, etc. You might even have a page of apps full of games. I have a page of apps with games for my son. It drives me crazy, maybe you too, when I install a new app and it pushes something onto the pages of apps for my son. I then have to go through rearranging my apps to keep the page for my son filled with only his stuff.

With Spaces on my iPod Touch (or any other iOS device) I could essentially lock that page of apps for my son, or make it a space. This way no other apps would overflow into it. Instead of apps overflowing into my son’s app page a new page would be started for the space after the full page. I could have a space for everyday apps, a space for games, a space for toddler apps, a space for productivity apps, etc. To access the different spaces you would double click the home button and they would be accessible on the dock to the left of running apps (maybe after the iPod controls). You could also just swipe to the pages like you do now.

I don’t use Spaces at all on my iMac, but I think something like what I just described would actually be useful for me.

So what do you think? Stupid idea or plausible? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I agree with you that it’s aggravating when you have a page set up just as you like it a new app joins the page. Being able to lock a page so nothing new appears without you specifically putting it there is a great idea!

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