The Case for Free Mobile Hotspots in Phones

Mobile hotspots, the feature that basically turns new cell phones into a wireless router is nothing new. It is just, officially, new to the iPhone. In the US this feature comes with a $20 addition to your phone bill. With that twenty dollars you get an additional 2gb of data for your connected devices. I say this feature should be free. Why? Read on.

By turning your phone into a hotspot you are sharing the data that your phone receives and uses from the carrier. Wouldn’t it make more sense for your hotspot data to be deducted from your monthly allotment. If you have a 2gb allotment on your phone and want to share it with you laptop why can’t you? It is your data, you should be able to use it  through the phone or by sharing it. If you run out faster by sharing it, that helps the phone company. They get to slap on an overage fee.

If you want to spend extra for a seperate and additional plan you should have the option too.

This makes even more sense for the so called unlimited plan. If your data is unlimited why do you have to lay out extra for hotspot data? If it is truly unlimited the hotspot should be free. You are still pulling in the same data to the phone and just sharing it. Even if it isn’t truly unlimited, this plan should work just like the method I described above for a limited plan.

If you have a Palm phone through Verizon the hotspot is free. This is to sell more Palm phones, but this should be free on all capable phones. The odds of this going free are probably slim to none, but one can hope.

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