iPad 2 and Peter Spam
Pocket Sized Podcast #8

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Scott has a new iPad 2 and isn’t afraid to talk about it. John Nemo reviews DryCASE for iPhone, DryCASE for iPad, and DryBUDS waterproof earphones.

Links from the show:
Mailboxes multi-user Gmail client for iPad
Friendly Facebook for iPad
Garageband for iPad
Apple iPad Smart Cover
Dry Case
DryCASE for iPad
DryCASE for iPhone
DryBUDS waterproof earphones

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3 thoughts on “iPad 2 and Peter Spam
Pocket Sized Podcast #8

  1. Great podcast, I am a fan of Peter’s from the Fresh Ubuntu podcast, although I am sure that many of his former listeners consider him a heretic for using Apple products.

    Although i routinely get AppleCare on Macs, I think it is a particularly bad deal for an iPad. It only extends the warranty by one year and the iPad, being solid state, is far less likely to break than a Macbook, for example. There are better options. I wound up getting a Square Trade warranty, which had no deductible, with a discount coupon was actually less expensive, extended the warranty to three years rather than two, and, to me most important, covered accidental damage and water damage, which to me are by far the most likely things to go wrong with an iPad.

  2. Thanks for the reply! I will have to look into Square Trade.

    The reason I recommend AppleCare on mobile devices is that when I have used it, regardless of what Apple product the problem was with, it’s more than paid for itself. It’s not just whether or not things are covered, it’s how you’re treated and the quality of service in the process. Apple employees have some discretion when it comes to repairs or replacements, and frequently they use this discretion to help above and beyond the mandated action.

    However, options are always nice and I’ll look into this so I can talk about it on the podcast.

    Glad you followed Peter over from Fresh Ubuntu, it was a great podcast and I hope Harlem’s voice is heard again soon as well!

  3. Thanks for the comment, bdegrande. I’m glad to hear you followed me from FUP. I’d still love to get FUP going again, and am still an avid Open Source lover, but your comment posed an interesting question, which I just posed to my Twitter/Facebook/Identica/Jaiku followers.

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