A Bundle of Mac Joy!
MyMac Podcast #324

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Gaz isn’t feeling well but soldered on for the show. David Cohen from TechFan gives us some grief for our opinions on eMagazines from last week. We do our Christmas picks for Apple user in your family (maybe that’s you!), and we wonder just what Apple is going to do with all that new space in Cupertino?

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One thought on “A Bundle of Mac Joy!
MyMac Podcast #324

  1. Just a note, Apple, Cupertino and San Francisco are in Nortehern California. While our winters are not frigid, highs of 45 to 50 degrees farienheit and rain is cold and uncomfortable walking weather. Allison Sheridan lives a goos 350 miles south, where it can be sunny and 78 in the winter 🙂

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