Review – Elan Form Graphite Case

Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4 Case
Company: Griffin Technology
Price: $34.99

We’re all aware of the infamous “Antennagate” media circus surrounding the debut of the iPhone 4. Hold it this way, don’t hold it that way, give me a bumper; it just goes on. iPhone 4 users clamored for cases to prevent the problem from occurring and Griffin Technology and others stepped up to the plate, providing an assortment of cases for iPhone 4 users. Among the cases offered by Griffin Technology is the Elan Form Graphite case.

One of the first things I had discovered about the iPhone 4 is that its sleekness gave it the best surface ever to slide off of the armrest of a couch or chair I was sitting in, whereas before my iPhone 3G would just sit and not move. The iPhone 4 also just felt at times like it would slide right out of my hand. I needed something to provide more grip and protection to the case, just in event that I got really clumsy or the iPhone succeeded in its escape attempts. I had also grown tired of the rubber-like cases and wanted something different and a bit more snazzy. What I found was the Elan Form Graphite.

Made from a patterned composite-looking synthetic material that has been bonded to a protective impact resistant polycarbonate shell, the Elan Form snaps itself around the iPhone, protecting it from impacts to all but the front glass screen. The inside of the back of the case feels softer than the outside, providing basically a scratch-free surface for the iPhone to rest upon. The cutouts on the top and bottom, as well as the side for the volume controls are sufficient to provide the clearance needed and yet have a slightly built up lip to offer a bit more sturdiness to the frame. The top cover just snaps in  place and holds everything together.

I have been using the case now for the past few weeks and have not encountered any issues with it. Slip it in a pocket; it’s easy to grab hold of and remove; place in the arm of a couch or armchair and it stays in place and doesn’t slide. I like the ready access to the volume buttons and the easy access to the USB port on the bottom. Now, to answer the question, am I about to drop my iPhone 4 in the case to see how impact resistant it is, no, not about to happen. Am I satisfied with the protection that it offers, yes, I am. My hand is not touching the side of the iPhone anymore so I’m not worried about shorting out the antenna or reducing the signal strength. The cutout for the camera is exact, no issues there at all.

Presently available in Black.

For those iPhone 4 users out there that are looking for something more than a bumper, you may want to consider Griffin Technology’s offering. Stylish, protective and a good buy for the price.

All in all, I give the Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4 case a My Mac rating of 8 out of a possible 10.

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