MyMac Podcast 304: New Macs and Irish Cacti

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Gaz is off to Belgium for his JOB (sheesh!) and Tom Schmidt steps in to talk about the new iMacs, Mac Pros, and a Magic Trackpad (Really Apple? MAGIC Trackpad?). A listener has a sad G5 Mac and Safari wants to tell everyone a secret. Danielle Corsetta from the popular webcomic Girls with Slingshots  drops by to talk about how she writes, draws, and posts webcomics and keeps (most) of her sanity. Finally Tom talks about the differences between Apple Stores and local Apple premium resellers
Links to some great Apple Specialist Stores!
New York City’s Tekserve
Boston’s Tech Superpowers
Chicago’s MacSpecialist
San Diego’s Crywolf
LA’s Mac-Fusion
Girls with Slingshots links!
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3 thoughts on “MyMac Podcast 304: New Macs and Irish Cacti

  1. Hi this is Marilyn from mac-fusion. Great podcast and thanks so much for the shout out! Just wanted to clarify that we are one of the few Apple Specialist that doesn’t actually have a store. We specialize in service and managing businesses that run on the Mac. We do sell to consumers as well but we just don’t have a fun store to browse in. 🙂

  2. I think, Marilyn, that your type of Apple Specialist will soon be the norm, and not the exception. While the Apple stores do an okay job, they are too busy to really give that one-on-one help many users still need. Plus, your overhead is VERY small 🙂

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