MyMac Podcast 301 – Authorization Acknowledged…Access Denied Founder: Tim Robertson

Gaz is not feeling well, so it’s Guy and Owen Rubin this week talking about iTunes security and protecting your passwords. Guy has a long talk with founder Tim Robertson about how, the history of the podcast, and what’s new with OWCRadio. Owen talks about his experience with getting (and maybe not keeping) two iPhone 4s.

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2 thoughts on “MyMac Podcast 301 – Authorization Acknowledged…Access Denied

  1. So after that podcast I thought I would share my iPhone 4 activation story. The phone came via fed-ex ~10 AM; I also worked from home so I could sign for it. After I signed for it I ripped it out of the box and plugged it into the Mac (purchased a few days earlier – my first Mac) and activated it; I didn’t charge it or follow any directions, I just plugged it in and went. The entire process took ~45 seconds including porting my number from Verizon.

    With that said, I’m not saying I don’t get death grip – it looks like I do and I also have the bumper. I just don’t use my phone as a phone often and my business mobile is Verizon so I’m covered either way.

    On another note – my wife initially thought the phone was a waste of money; but wanted to play with it anyway. Now she isn’t sure if she wants an iPhone or an iPad & Verizon cell to replace her Blackberry (and run her business).

    Anyway, with that said and with everything I have read I think that negative activation experience is not the standard. Good luck with it now that its working!

  2. Anthony,
    Thanks so much for listening and sharing your experience. I’m still using my 3GS and probably won’t upgrade until next year. If your wife is running a business, she’ll probably want to use an iPad (her choice of cell phone depends on how good your coverage is with each carrier in your area) with 3G. It really is an amazing device and I rarely take my laptop with anymore as I travel around since most of what I want to do is covered and the battery life is incredible. Keep listening!

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