MyMac Podcast 296 – iPad HIGH! Mac Mini Low

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The GMen start out with some listener feedback from Australia. Gaz has ANOTHER problem with some of his Apple gear. THIS time it’s his Mac Mini. We go into a little detail about ProSoft Engineering’s Data Rescue and Drive Genius and JoeSoft’s Hear gets a mention. Guy fixes his Tae Kwon Do instructor’s Mac and doesn’t get a roundhouse kick to the face.

We mention WWDC and worry about what WON’T be announced. A story about the lower priced 3GS iPhones in Guy’s former hometown Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel newspaper that he delivered as a kid brings a tear to his eye (and not nice things to say about some of his former subscribers). We inadvertently slam Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (OOOOOPS!). Gaz gets his iPad and almost immediately his family takes it away from him. Finally, we talk about a few iPad/iPhone Apps

The 300th podcast is getting ever closer! You only have until June 25th to enter. Here are some of the prizes!

MacAlly Amptune

Smile on my Mac PDFpen

ProSoft Engineering’s Drive Genius and Data Rescue

JoeSoft’ Hear

NoodleSoft Hazel

Reggie Ashworth’s AppDelete

Boinx Software’s FotoMagico 3 Pro

St Claire Software’s Default Folder X

Westone’s Westone 1 True-Fit Earphones

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