Review – Abas Leather Cases

Abas Leather Cases

Company: Abas Leather Accessories
Price: $30.00 – $160.00

When the evaluation units arrived, my first reaction, as I pulled out the packaging holding the iPad cases, was, “if they took this much care with the packaging, the actual products must be very special.”

As I removed each case from within its outer box, Abas had wrapped each premium leather case with its own protective dust cloth. Removing the Tabbed Folio, Simple Sleeve, and Zippered Folio from within the dust cloths revealed three quality pieces of leather craftsmanship.

I was impressed with the quality and attention to detail. Holding each case in my hands confirmed what my eyes had discovered. These were indeed premium leather cases. The Tabbed Folio was given a crocodile finish which gave this case that Fortune 500 executive look and feel. With the addition of a folio pocket and card holder within the inside cover, this case is ready for those power lunches where so many fortunes are made and lost. My personal favorite was the brown leather Zippered Folio. This case is a little more understated while still retaining the elegance of its siblings. There are a couple of design changes needed to make these cases a bit more practical (more on this later), however, as they are, they are both beautiful and useful. If you like to use a simple sleeve when carrying your iPad, the Abas Simple Sleeve will definitely get you there in style. The review unit was a beautiful red leather lavishly decorated with studs to give it a little extra, Bling.

As cases for the new Apple iPad, each case held its precious cargo proudly and securely.


Never did I feel that the iPad was in danger of falling out of theses cases. I could carry my precious around with complete confidence that not only did it look good all dressed up in its pretty Sunday-go-to -meeting-clothes, but it was also completely safe and secure as well.

If you have no plans to purchase an iPad, have no fear, Abas can also cover your iPhone or point and shoot camera.

As you would expect, these products were all of the same quality and attention to detail as their iPad siblings. I must say that I had a hard time keeping the females in the house away from the review units. Any of these cases would make a nice gift for that special occasion.

I found the iPad cases to all perform well under normal usage conditions. Remembering that the iPad is indeed a touch device, once the cases provided access to the iPad’s touch screen, their usability had pretty much reached its limit. However, everything they were designed to do, they did with style and a confidence building security.

As a premium priced leather case, it is not enough to simply securely cover and transport my iPad with style. The iPad case that will allow itself to be reconfigured for typing, or to become a free standing horizontal stand to provide the ideal viewing angle for movies etc., has and will continue to win the hearts and dollars of the iPad buying public. I would like to see Abas take the beauty of their tabbed and zippered folio cases and meld that beauty within a reconfigurable iPad case. Review Rating:
Abas Leather Accessories are indeed premium leather cases for your electronic devices. They are well made and stylish. The iPad cases, however, need a little reworking both in terms of design and price in order to complete with the other premium leather cases within this crowded space. Therefore, I am awarding the fine products from Abas Leather Accessories a well above average rating of 8 out of 10 in our Rating System.

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