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Two iPhone/iPod Touch Battery Packs

If you are constantly running out of power when using your iPhone or iPod touch, these two chargers may help. Both Kensington and Dexim offer a clock app from the App Store so you can use these devices as a travel clock.

Travel Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod touch
Company: Kensington

Price: $69.99 US

The Kensington Travel Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod touch (TBP) weighs in at only 0.5 lbs. and is small enough to fit easily in a small travel bag. There are no cables to pack and it even doubles as a kickstand for hands free landscape viewing of video.

The TBP utilizes a built in dock connector to charge up your iPhone or iPod. I prefer this kind of connector because it usually means I don’t have to remove the case I may be using. Another nice feature is the flip out USB tip. You recharge the unit by plugging into a USB port. The USB tip is on the bottom of the unit and folds up into the device when you don’t need it. No cables to lose or fumble around looking for. The TBP has a lithium-ion internal battery.

The TBP has a five LED battery gauge that will display the strength of the lithium battery at the push of a button.

The design of the TBP allows you to use it as a kickstand. The built in cap folds out so you can stand up your iPod touch/iPhone in landscape mode for video viewing. The unit feels sturdy in this mode.

One drawback is the TBP blocks the headphone port on a nano or touch.

Kensington states the unit will extend music play time up to 23 hours, video up to seven hours, and talk time up to five hours. Your results may vary.

MyMac Review Rating: 8 out of 10

Company: Dexim

Price: $49.99 US at Amazon.Com

The P-Flip is billed as the “world’s first foldable, portable rechargeable power dock for the iPhone and iPod.”


You slide your iPhone or iPod touch (all models) into the dock connector, and the battery, which resides in the lower folding part of the P-Flip, powers and recharges your device.

The P-Flip folds up and fits in your pocket. As your iPhone battery runs down, slipping the iPhone into the unit is easy, unless it is in a case. It is a simple concept, but if you want to recharge the unit you’ll need to carry the provided USB cable.

If you use an iPod touch there is an “additional cradle” that is needed to load your iPod Touch. Since the iPod touch is thinner than the iPhone, you have to use this additional cradle to fill the gap. This spacer does clip into the unit, but it is something else you may need to carry. Once again, you will have to remove your case.

There is a row of three blue LEDs on the bottom that flash when the P-Flip is being charged. To see how much power the unit has left you press a small button on the side. This shows the battery strength by lighting up the LEDs.

The unit can be stood up on its side and used as a kick stand for viewing video with your iPod touch or iPhone. The P-Flip feels a bit awkward in this mode.

Dexim advertises up to eight hours of talk, fifteen hours of video, or 60 hours of music, from the 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery. Your results may vary. The unit is very lightweight.

MyMac Review Rating: 7 out of 10

If I had to choose between these two products, I’d recommend the Kensington Battery Pack over the P-Flip. With the Kensington unit you don’t have to remove your case or carry an additional cable. Additionally, the Kensington unit feels more sturdy when used as a kick stand. If you use your iPod or iPhone without a case, then the P-Flip is a good purchase.

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