Mac OS X Snow Leopard in Depth


Mac OS X Snow Leopard in Depth
Paul McFedries

Que Publishing
816 pages
ISBN 978-0789742292
US $39.99 CA $47.99

Apple’s regular revisions to Mac OS X causes a flurry of writing and publishing activity, as each new version spawns new books to cover Apple’s new wrinkles.

Long-time computer book author Paul McFedries has penned his take on Snow Leopard: Mac OS X Snow Leopard in Depth (SL in Depth, for short).

If you’re looking for a book that simply covers what’s new in Snow Leopard, and you don’t need a complete OS X “how-to,” then SL in Depth is not for you. It’s a soup-to-nuts, stem-to-stern coverage of the current Mac OS. McFedries assumes nothing, so SL in Depth is fine for the Mac newbie who knows nothing about their new computer. Every single OS X application, menu, option, key command, preference, window, and panel appear to be covered!

If the new user gets through all 816 pages, they’ll be officially certified a Power User, as SL in Depth includes a plethora of hints and tips that are not well known.

The problem is getting through the book. McFedries’ writing style, while clear and easy to understand, is dry. As in “Sahara Desert” dry. David Pogue, he is not. Also, the book is set in a type size just a bit small for my admittedly-aging eyes, and it was uncomfortable to read for long periods of time. No doubt this is due to not wanting the page count to soar into the triple digits, or require a book stand for reading.

Conclusion. SL in Depth is a comprehensive book on Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It’s a fine reference book that reads like a reference book.

MyMac rating: 6 out of 10.

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One thought on “Mac OS X Snow Leopard in Depth

  1. The book title claims to be “In Depth”, it could be, if you can stay awake long enough. This book has no passion, the author’s tone seems uninvolved and on autopilot… as if he were writing another boring VBA programming book.
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