Why Apple Support is number 1

I’ve been having a problem with my Apple Bluetooth keyboard, or so I thought.
After I purchased my Mac Pro last month, I had problems when typing.
My keyboard would keep connecting and disconnecting with the internal bluetooth module. Sometimes, it acted like the keys were stuck. I’d type an “H” and get hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Other times it seemed my KB was possessed as it would just start typing characters other than the ones I had depressed.

This keyboard always worked fine with my G5 tower, but I have had it a while, so I wasn’t sure if the problem was my keyboard or the tower?
I obtained another BT KB from one of the good fellows here at MyMac and tried that.
Same problem?
This pointed to my one month old Mac Pro Tower as the problem…..time for AppleCare. (Yes, I know the tower is still under the initial 90 days warranty)

It has been a while since I needed any support from Apple, so I went to the Support page up on the Apple site and I found this page:


From here I could schedule a time that Apple would CALL ME!!
What a great idea. No waiting on the phone for a rep to get free!!!
I simply picked the time, about two hours later, and gave them my phone number.
They promise a call within a 15 minute window. I picked 1PM and my phone was ringing at 1:05.

I explained my problem to the Apple Support rep, and after some trouble shooting tasks, he bumped me up to a Senior Apple Support rep.
The senior rep took me through more trouble shooting techniques and then decided that the BT Module in my tower needed to be replaced.

Could I take the Tower into an Apple Store? They may need to keep it overnight. I can make you an appointment right now.
I explained the nearest Apple Store was 60 miles one way and I’d need to think about when I could make two trips into the store.

He said, Hold on.”

When he came back on the phone he said, “I don’t want to make you do all that driving and lug that tower into a store. We are going to fix this for you on-site, what’s your address?”

He told me to expect a call from a repair person in the next 6-12 hours who would set up an in-house appointment after they ship the new module to them in about three days.

This fellow saved me 250 miles of driving and endless hours of time.

Apple support and AppleCare—rated number one in Consumer Reports and that would be my vote!!

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