Bluepack S3 – Review

Bluepack S3
Company: Dexim

Price: $65.90

There are many options out there is you want an extra, or backup, battery for your iPod. Dexim’s Bluepack S3 is one of these options.

The Bluepack S3 looks like an iPod Nano and falls between a Touch and a Nano in size. It is simply an external rechargeable battery that connects to your iPod to charge it away from a power source. The battery is compatible with all recent iPods/iPhones with a dock connector. I was able to get 2 full charges in my second generation iPod Touch with one charge of the Bluepack.

The Bluepack is a little heavy, so I would not suggest it for carrying it in your pocket while charging your iPod. It would fit in your pocket, but it wouldn’t want to do it. However, it is a great option for charging your iPod without a power outlet (of course the battery itself has to be charged). It would be great for traveling and getting more life out of your iPod on a plane (for example).

The Bluepack comes with everything you need. You get the battery, the case, and the iPod connector. It even comes with a cable for charging a Blackberry.

One odd feature of the Bluepack is it has a built-in laser pointer. Maybe some people would find this useful, but to me it is not needed. I say get rid of the pointer and lower the price of the unit.

Speaking of price, the retail price of the Bluepack is $65.90. A little bit on the pricey side compared to other power options I have seen and reviewed.

Overall, the Bluepack is a nice external power source choice for your iPod/iPhone in what seems to becoming a crowded market. It is a little on the expensive end, but worth looking into. It is definitely a good option for those with an iPod and a Blackberry. You can get one battery for both units.

MYMAC RATING: 4 out of 5

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