Belkin CushDesk – Review

Laptop Cushion “CushDesk”
Company: Belkin

Price: $29.99

Glued to your laptop? Then your battery’s probably gotten hot enough that the bottom of your computer has melted into the literal extension of your lap. And as much as Lady Gaga makes it look like it’s in fashion this year, it’s as uncomfortable as her Moscow arrest. So if getting your hard working legs fried into fresh bacon isn’t your thing, you’ll want to consider Belkin’s CushDesk.

The device is a flat platform, with a cushion underneath (hence the fancy name I suppose). Unlike my previous laptop resting device, the cushy part is actually glued to the thin platform. That means you don’t have something dangling, or squiggling around while you’re maddeningly typing that email about the revised-almost-final-needs-revision project you’re sending to your boss 20 minutes ago.

As promised in the marketing material, the CushDesk comes at a slight angle. To say that it’ll relieve your back pain and soothe your carpal tunnel is as far a stretch as claiming it’ll prevent all spelling mistakes and turn your drama queen assistant into a miracle worker. To be fair, it’s flat on top, and guess what — that holds the laptop just right.

Enough with comfort. Let’s get to the heart of the matter: is it cool enough? Well, for $30 (I’ll spare an extra penny), it certainly doesn’t turn Arizona heat into Alaska cool. It provides the core need: two inches of vital separation between the deadly battery and your delicate lap. After about 40 minutes of use, the heat from the battery did slowly make its piercing way to my legs. In other words, instead of getting charbroiled, you’ll get slowly baked. And that’s actually quite an improvement, short of moving to Anchorage and actually seeing Siberia from your living room.

The Belkin CushDesk is available in three trendy colors, for an economy-friendly price of $29.99

MyMac rating: 4 out of 5

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