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RealMac’s LittleSnapper iPhone/Touch app is the companion app to the Mac program of the same name. I love the Mac application. It has become my default way to take and organize screenshots on my iMac. When I was presented with the opportunity to review the companion iPhone/Touch app I jumped at it. Does the app live up to my expectations from the Mac version?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The app has a ton of potential, but it is disappointing. Here’s why.

One of the coolest features of the Mac application is that it will take a screen capture of a webpage. The screen captures is not the the portion of the page you see on the screen, but it will grab the entire webpage. The LittleSnapper app also takes webpage captures through its built-in browser. You navigate to the page, and take the picture. These pictures can be shared through QuickSnapper (RealMacs online photo sharing site), twitter, via email with a link to QuickSnapper, or through you Photo library on your phone/iPod. The picture is automatically sent to the library. Unfortunately, only the portion of the screen seen is taken. You can zoom into areas of the page you want, but it would be nice to have the feature of the entire page.

Also, the image quality is not the greatest. If you don’t zoom in on specific text you want a picture of you might not be able to read it in the photo. You can zoom in (in iPhoto for example) but the quality might no be good enough for it to be legible.

After you take your screen capture you can title the picture, rate it, and add keywords. Once again a feature with great potential. However, these labels do not show up in iPhoto when you import the image. The tags are for the QuickSnapper site.

You can also access your photo library on your phone/ipod and tag, rate, etc. them for sharing in QuickSnapper.

LittleSnapper has two more features: 1. You can go to the QuickSnapper site in Safari by clicking the QuickSnapper button. 2. You can manage QuickSnapper accounts. 3. You can take a picture with your iPhone and label, tag, and share it through the app (I have a Touch, so I was unable to test this feature).

I love the interface for LittleSnapper. It is a partial view of a classic 35mm camera. The features are on the lens which you spin around to get access, too. Unfortunately, the rest of the application could use some work.

So, should you buy the application? I would say wait for an update to be released. Many of the features can be done without the app. You can take a screenshot by holding the home and power buttons together, you can open Safari and go to QuickSnapper, etc. rating 3 out of 5

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