Funtastic Photos – Review


Funtastic Photos
Company: Ohanaware

Price: $34.99

Want an easy to use program for editing and adding special effects to your photos? You might want to check out Funtastic Photos.

Funtastic Photos is the photo editor that is for people who want to play with there photos and add cool effects with a click of the mouse. It is also for those that like having fun (no pun intended) with their photos and like a little more control over the effects.

Let’s take a breath.

Funtastic Photos allows you to add effects to your photos like brightness and contrast, sharpen, and straightening by clicking an icon for a quick effect. You want a little more control? It is as easy as a check box and dragging a slider or choosing some options in a menu. It is just that easy. You don’t have to know any technical photo editing jargon. Once you get the photo just right you can add fun effect like turning your photo into a mosaic or a line drawing. There a ton of built-in effects and you can even create and save your own.

One of the cooler uses of Funtastic Photos is the ability to make a photo mosaic. You know, those photos made up of hundreds of tiny photos. I have tried several freeware and shareware programs that are specifically for this. None of them work. Funtastic Photos is the best implementation of this technique I have tried.

You might be wondering how you get your photos into Funtastic Photos. Well, you can import a file, but it is also integrated with your iPhoto library. You find the photo and click it to begin.

Funtastic Photos is just that fun. For $34.99 it is a steal. rating 5 out of 5

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