New MyMac Family Member, Longtime MyMac Fan

The birth of my geekdom happened on a rainy day in late 1982. I had been working for Apple long enough to qualify for my free computer which every employee received once they completed their probationary period. I received a call from the human resources employee and she walked me to the “Apple Store” (a makeshift caged area used to store merchandising products and computer systems).

As I loaded the boxes onto a dolly and wheeled the precious cargo out to my car, I don’t think my feet touched the ground once. Surely I must have had a dumb silly smile on my face the entire time. I finally had a computer of my very own. Oh how excited I was to open the boxes. If only I had a video camera back then, well, and the Internet. Can you say, “unboxing?”

I can still remember the smells, textures, and sense of amazement as I removed the CPU, floppy drive, and monitor out of their boxes. There it was, my very own Apple ][. My life and bank account would never be the same. Growing up, our family had an Atari console which seemed to have Pong loaded most days of the week. However, this was completely different. Something changed that day. I then began to look at the world through rainbow colored glasses. I was not just an Apple employee; I was an Apple evangelist.

Since the Apple ][, I have enjoyed using many Apple products. If pressed for an answer regarding my top three, I would have to answer as follows: the original Macintosh, iPhone 3G, and the MacBook Air.

I have been particularly impressed with the development of the iPhone. This product has revolutionized the world of mobile computing, and when combined with the App Store, the sky is the limit. It is a wonderful time to be a user of Apple products.

My experiences have been many and varied. I worked for Apple through my college years and stayed with them until they sold their southern California R & D/manufacturing division to Alps Electronics. Deciding to accept a generous severance package rather than working for Alps, I started my own business with the severance funds. My business centered around hardware/software consulting and what was then referred to as desktop publishing. Being paid to do something I loved, “What a Wonderful Life!”

It was January of 2005, and I was attempting to find some podcasts dealing with technology. I came across the MyMac Podcast and was immediately hooked. I have always appreciated the down-to-earth persona Tim brings to the podcast. Having met Tim in real life, I can report to the MyMac faithful, he is the same good guy in person as he is on the podcast. I have been a loyal listener to the podcast since that first download almost four years ago.

During the 2008 Macworld Expo, I had the great privilege of meeting Tim, Guy, David Cohen, and John Nemo. It was the first annual MyMac Macworld Meet-up. We all had such a wonderful time that we decided to go to dinner along with Bill Palmer and one other MyMac listener who attended the meet-up. As Mac Geeks, we sat around talking about all things Apple and just having a great time. Great friends, food, and conversation. Does it get any better than that?

I am very excited to add my voice to the MyMac family. It feels like home. I would like to thank Tim and all of the wonderfully talented individuals who have graced the pages and airwaves of MyMac over the years. You have all improved my life through your efforts.

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