MyMac Podcast 212 – NewToy

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Two brothers who quit the Microsoft gaming studio Ensemble Studios to become iPhone App developers, David and Paul Bettner, join us for a candid talk about all things iPhone and their new company, NewToy. Sam Levin joins in with a new Cool Mac Picks. And Tim, David, and Guy talk about Adobe pulling out of Macworld Expo, the Simpsons skewering Apple, iPod shortages, and the latest drama that is Psystar. Plus a brand-new sponsor, PosiMotion!

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Links from the show:
Speck Products
Prosoft Engineering
Macworld Expo
Simpsons Apple Parody
Cool Mac/App Picks 12.04.2008
Griffin TuneBuds Mobile
Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G
Axio Sling Pack for 15″ MacBook Pro and PC

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