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Nothing of import today, working on a review so I’m going to concentrate on that for the evening. I’m also thinking about things Apple innovated when Steve Jobs wasn’t around, really cool stuff (but largely failed I imagine). So far I’ve got Apple QuickTake (first digital camera), Newton and I remember a iSight predecessor but I can’t recall the name. I’m positive there is a bunch of other Apple niftiness that came both post and pre return of S.J. but I need more for examples for the article. If you can think of anything let me know, I’d appreciate it. Was the stylewriter innovative?

Watched a very interesting story recently: White guy stuck in Japan, first horrified he comes to appreciate the strange customs of the Japanese. Meanwhile he’s caught up in a civil war, becomes a Samurai, has some thing going for a Japanese girl he can’t touch all while dealing with the vile plotting of one evil Japanese and one evil White guy. For the life of me I can’t tell if I watched Shogun or The Last Samurai

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