Morning in the desert

This is an incredible place we have found. Somehow we need to let others know of it, even though it is suppposed to be a secret. As morning comes to the desert, you begin to understand that it is no great wonder why the people who came here have stayed.

The desert is rich in many things, especially in life. It changes the people here, and you can see it sort of branded upon their phyche. Theirs is a rare calmness of spirit and a steady presence of mind in this age of chaos. Their gentleness has been won amid white hot days and in eternal nights filled with great beauty.

So walk with me out on the vast open floor of this desert this morning. Off in the distance the high, bright silver moonlight falls on fading distant valleys, revealing sacred delights, cradled between deep blue silent mountains standing sentinel over the desert forever.

Eternity sets its dimensions above you, while wandering comets and shooting stars puctuate the show. The Milky Way spreads itself like glowing seed across the sky from horizon to horizon. The only thing that reminds you that you are still standing on the earth is the sweet gentle desert wind barely blowing across your face.

You watch as the dawn gently comes to own the night sky, with an errie, ever growing glow of the very palest pink and gold, to finally announce the Sun by painting all the clouds in bright unearthly metallic and light riven hue of purple and glory. God, you discover, is a magnificent artist.

The wind breathlessly sweeps across the unfolding view of the wide desert floor. It is soon to be a happy home to bird song and whispering pines, as a wise gentle breeze from somewhere takes the sleepiness and night coldness far away. It is then that you know!

You know you that you have come Home to all this, as your eyes take it all in, here in the desert. Your life before seems like a dream. Your life to come is excites you, as you envision here a treasure of beauty, surprise and exploration, and you joyfully embrace morning in the Mojave desert.

It is my wish, for you who are snow bound, and presently locked in Winter’s long embrace, that you know there are places where Winter is but a myth, and Spring is an reality which will dawn upon you. Perhaps when it does, it will be somewhere like here, like morning in the desert.


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