Griffin iClear with Armband for iPhone 3G – Review

Griffin iClear with Armband for iPhone 3G
Company: Griffin Technology

Price: $29.99

With all of the cases that have appeared for the iPhone 3G, there are always special cases designed to fill a specific niche for certain users. Griffin Technology’s iClear case for the iPhone 3G fills a specific spot for the active user who wants to take their iPhone along with them whenever they are on the go. Whether you are into running, bicycling or walking, then you need to check out the iClear case.

Having been into running for many years, and used to having my iPod along for the run, I was just a bit hesitant when it came time to look at and try out a case for my iPhone 3G. Something kept telling me that you just don’t take your phone along with you when you’re out there running, calls can wait. However, the capability of having the iPhone with its many capabilities outweighed that voice in the back of my mind and I chose to try out Griffin’s iClear. To begin with, the iClear case comes with a frosted hard polycarbonate back piece with a rotating belt clip, a clear front bezel piece, a static peel screen protector, an adjustable stretchable armband and, of course, a cleaning cloth. Installing your iPhone into the case is a snap, place the belt clip into the arm band, plug in your earphones and off you go.

The one thing that you always want to check out is the fit of the case to your iPhone. Are all of the controls and speakers readily available for use? Is the camera lens clear of any obstruction? There was an absolute precise fit of the iClear with my iPhone, no obstructions or adjustments needed. Now with some trepidation, I placed the iClear on the armband, adjusted the fit and went off for a two mile run, spending most of the first part of the run watching my left arm to make sure that the case and my iPhone were still there. No problems at all, the armband stayed in place and so did my iPhone. After that initial run, things became easier as I put the iClear through its paces. Running, exercising, working out or just wearing the iClear on my belt as I went about my daily routine. That is clearly one of the best aspects of the iClear case… its all around versatility. Whether you’re in shorts, sweats or a suit, the iClear fits in very nicely.

The one thing that may cause some concern with some users is that the front piece of the iClear is minimal in its protection of the front of your iPhone. You have total access to the controls on the screen but there is not more protection there for the glass front. However, in well over a month’s use of the iClear in active use, I’ve not encountered any issues that have caused me any major concerns.

So to review:

Pro: Well designed, provides a real stable case for your iPhone 3G. Belt clip stays securely on your belt or in the armband. Case is reasonably priced and provides a higher level of versatility than a lot of the other iPhone cases. Stands up quite well to daily use.

Cons: Case does not provide a higher level of protection to the front of your iPhone.

Still a well designed and thought out product for those active iPhone 3G users. Highly recommended!

My Mac rating: 4 out of 5.

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