D-Link, Wireless Printing, and CompUSA

Spent the entire afternoon installing and configuring a wireless print server for a friend’s two-computer Windows network. Physical and software installation were easy, until I got halfway through the CD/PDF network setup guide. Called toll-free-24/7 live phone support in California. Received generous, patient help from Charles, who was unable to take me all the way to conclusion. He sent me to level two support.

Irv really knew his stuff, and led me through an impressive IP-based configuration. I had cables and printers and computers strewn all over the house, and my friend got as far away from the chaos as he could.

When our diagnosis ended, the result was that my pal’s old reliable HP printer worked perfectly with the D-Link wireless print server, but his brand new Epson CX-3200 multifunction printer didn’t. Reason? HP accepts networking, Epson doesn’t.

I was disappointed and annoyed, but not angry or frustrated. Wireless is still evolving, especially in consumer products, and Epson’s all-in-one unit is still terrific value for money. Check out their Clearence Center, linked from epson.com home page

D-Link second level customer support was top-notch, and worth mentioning. Waiting on hold notwithstanding, they treat customers with respect and courtesy. I’ll give them a second chance next opportunity I have.

Took the incompatible print server right back to CompUSA, who is not known for prompt, cheerful customer service. Kathryn handled my return, advising me of company restocking fee policy. I agreed, then she gave me entire refund, without any penalty.

LESSONS: be very patient and thorough when doing wireless (or any) new installation; treat underpaid retail staff well and you’ll normally get along fine.

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