MyMac Podcast 204 – Shaker and Laptops


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Tim Robertson has an exclusive interview with Stan Miasnikov, President of software developer Phunkware. At the behest of The Tetris Company LLC, Apple, Inc. asked Phunkware to pull the game Shaker on copyright claims. Also, VisualHub is done, Podcaster returns, and the SEC investigates the false Steve Jobs heart attack CNN iReport. If all that was not enough, Apple has announced a Laptop event for next week! Let the speculation begin! The roundtable includes Tim Robertson, David Cohen, Guy Serle, and Lee Givens.

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Other World Computing pick of the week:
Elgato Turbo.264 – Refurb only $59.99!

Links from the show:
TUAW Shaker story
Podcaster App
Techspansion (VisualHub)

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