MacAlly AirShell Leather Protective Cover for MacBook Air – Review

MacAlly AirShell Leather Protective Cover for MacBook Air
MacAlly Peripherals
US $39.99

MacAlly has added a new member to its lineup of protective cases for Apple laptops with the AirShell for MacBook Air. The Weeks Division of MyMac Labs used it for a couple of weeks to see just how well it performed its protective duties.

AirShell consists of two hard shells that clip onto the top and bottom case of the Air itself. Once attached, the Air itself is well shielded, with only the USB/headphone port door, air vents, charging socket, and sleep light uncovered.

Be advised that AirShell is not a watertight cover, nor is it a highly padded travel case. It’s a pair of case covers designed to protect the Air against scratches, scrapes, and light bumps, without adding much bulk or weight to Apple’s lightest and smallest laptop.

While installation is easy and obvious, I had a smidgen of trouble getting the top cover to attach at one corner. At the corner of each shell is a small tab that clips onto the Air itself. The tabs are not large (they’re almost little nubs), and one was just a bit malformed, requiring some finagling to get it to snap over the back left edge of the Air’s top case. But once in place, the shells gripped firmly onto the Air.

MacAlly says the exterior of the AirShell is covered in “Executive Black Leather.” Not being an executive myself, I found the material leather-like, and pleasantly grippy. Users of the AirShell will find it far less likely to have the MacBook Air slip or slide out of their grip.

The interior of the shells are lined with suede, and the exterior leather is embossed with a vaguely woodgrain-like pattern.

To remove the AirShell, simply open the MacBook AIr, and slide the tabs off of each corner. Since there’s no glue or hardware, the AirShell won’t leave any permanent marks on your precious baby.

With the AirShell clipped in place, the computer is a bit larger, but barely so. The tapered edges of the MacBook Air make it’s dimensions difficult to measure without a pair of calipers, but I estimate the AirShell-wearing MacBook Air to be about 1/4″ thicker, and 3/8″ wider. Even so, your stylish Air is still quite svelte.

My only concern about the AirShell is the durability of the tabs. The tabs are small; will they retain their ability to firmly clip onto the MacBook Air after many installations? Given that the average person is going to install the AirShell only a few times, and leave it on for long periods, this will probably not be an issue for many users. rating: 4 out of 5. MacAlly has created a quality product for someone looking to protect their MacBook Air from the indignities of everyday use. AirShell is not a padded carrying case or a slipcover; it’s a well-designed protective case.


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