BudFits – Review

Company: InnoVelis

Price: $8.99 USD

I know that there are a lot of iPod users out there that still use the earbuds that came with their iPod either because they just like the earbuds or they haven’t found anything better to use. For those of you still using Apple’s earbuds and are into physical fitness, then mosey on over to the InnoVelis website and check out BudFits.

For whatever reason, Apple’s earbuds just don’t fit me properly and have never stayed in place when I have exercised. BudFits takes care of that problem by providing a set of flexible, easy to use and inexpensive soft, flexible rubber pieces that snap onto Apple’s earbuds and then just simply wrap over the top of your ear. BudFits quickly fit onto your earbuds and provide extra comfort and support but can easily be removed for those times when you don’t need them. I have given them a good workout by using them while running, working out, working in the yard and wherever else I could try them out on without harming myself or others. I’ve not had them slip off of my ear or cause any problems.

Now you can check out BudFits and decide for yourself. They come in three different colors: Frosted Clear, White and Black. The asking price of $8.99 itself is a great incentive… hmm, you know that the holidays are just around the corner and they would make a great stocking stuffer or a nice surprise for someone going off to school. InnoVelis also touts the fact that BudFits can also be used with your favorite iPhone earbuds. While InnoVelis does not sell the BudFits directly, you’ll find links to other retailers, such as Amazon.com that do sell the BudFits. By the way, BudFits are designed to work only with Apple’s iPod or iPhone earbuds.

So to review:

Pro: Easy to use, soft and flexible, non-irritating. Very reasonably priced. Keeps your earbuds in place while you’re active.

Cons: The only problem that I saw was on older earbuds from earlier iPod models that had a shorter stalk than the newer versions of earbuds. However, if you take your time when placing the BudFits over your ear, you can still use the BudFits successfully and they do their designed job of keeping your earbuds in place without any other problems or hassles.

Highly recommended!

My Mac rating: 5 out of 5.

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