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Price: $59.95

When I was in middle school and high school I was always looking for an animation program for my computer. I never found one. They were always to juvenile, or too advanced and expensive. If Animation-ish was around then, I would have found what I was looking for.

Animation-ish is a great new animation program for kids of all ages. It teaches the beginner how to animate and progress to a more complex animation, and it allows the more advanced user to make a complex animation in a user friendly environment.

The program is powered by the great Toon Boom Animation program, which I recently reviewed. It has three levels of animation:

Wiggledoodle-ish : learn how to animate with by creating two step animations

FlipBook-ish : take the next step by creating animations with more than two images

Advanced-ish : Graduate to the advanced stage with two layer animation, and a more Toon Boom -like interface (although no where near as complicated).

All three have simple tools to use in creating your creation (which can be exported in numerous formats). More tools are added as you advance to each level.

You might ask “What is with the ish?” Well Animation-ish is inspired by best selling author/illustrator Peter Reynolds. One of his children’s books is called “Ish.” Peter is the teacher in the online videos that you gain access to when you set up the program.

Two editions are available, a Home Edition and a Classroom Edition. The Classroom edition has lessons and curriculum activities. Samples can be found here.

At $59.95 Animation-ish is a great deal. If you think about it you are getting three animation programs for the price of one! The only thing you can’t do is add sound. You will need to import the final animation into a third party program for that.

If you are like I was growing up and have a strong interest in animation and are looking for the right animation program that won’t break your budget, and isn’t too childish Animation-ish is for you. Download the demo from the website and give it a try. rating 4.5 out of 5

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