MyMac Podcast 198 – Clean Your Mac

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This week, Tim welcomes David Cohen, Bill Dudney, and Sam Levin to the podcast. First up, Bill talks about his new iPhone App, Code Breaker. We also look at the VC funding that seems to be trying to pour itself into the App market. Sam Levin returns with a party-theme Cool Mac Picks, and a new contest thanks to PosiMotion!Be sure to listen to win two ten-dollars iTunes gift cards! To wrap up the show, David and Tim look at all the negative publicity surrounding Apple over the last few weeks, MacSales RAM, and cleaning your Mac. A full and fun show, ready for your downloading pleasure!

MacSales Pick of the Week:
iMac RAM

Links from the show:
Code Breaker game
Voltaic Systems Solar backpacks
iZotope iDrum App for iPhone

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iTrip AutoPilot

I wanted to take the iTrip AutoPilot (IA) out for a spin because I have a new 2007 automobile (well, 8 months old now) that has an RDS (Radio Data System–read on to find out what this is) enabled radio. The thought of being able to see what my iPod was playing on the LCD screen in my car was very exciting. Read on to find out how well this works.

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Rage Sitemap Automator

Do you have a website? Have you been wondering why some of your web pages don’t show up in Google or other search engines? Or why less important site pages show up while the pages you think are more important do not? There is something you can do about that. You can use Rage Sitemap Automator to create an XML sitemap and help the major search engines find your most important site content.

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MyMac Podcast 197 – The Dead Zone

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Lee Givens returns after a month and a half hiatus to join Tim, Guy, and David for a lively discussion. Topics include Microsoft Office 08, Jerry Seinfeld pimping Windows with Bill Gates, and a ton more. Plus, Sam Levin joins in with a Cool Mac Picks, and we announce the two winners of our PosiMotion contest! Pick of the Week
11-Piece Portable Toolkit

Cool Mac Picks of the Week
Pangea Enigmo, $9.99 & Cro-Mag Rally, $5.99
Crazy Mouth $.99 (and free Lite version)

Links from the show:

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DLO x 3 iPod Touch Case Reviews

Leather? Check! Silicone? Check! Earbud storage? Check! Clip? Check! Stylish and affordable? Check! Which one to take today? Guest reviewer Howard Nemerovski takes a look at three products from DLO.

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ShareCentral 2 – Review

Poor documentation, non-functioning driver software and a confusing control panel mar Kensington’s ShareCentral series of devices, designed to enable one-button switching of USB devices between two computers.

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MyMac Podcast 196 – Bronze Medal

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Contest Time! Listen to the podcast this week for your chance to win iTunes Gift Cards, courtesy of PosiMotion. Sam Levin comes on with a new Cool Mac Picks, while Tim and Guy fight it out over whether Apple should be more compatible with Microsoft. Plus the weeks Mac news, and the launch of

MacSales Pick of the Week:
Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual-Drive USB 2.0 + USB 2.0 Powered Hub

Links from the show:
Smile On My Mac Textexpander
JBL on stage IIIp loudspeaker
Fun Friends iPhone, iPod animal covers pick; iLightr


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Data Backup 3 vs. Time Machine 1

The value of good backup software cannot be overstated. In its latest iteration, the Mac OS comes with a built-in backup program called Time Machine that creates incremental backups on external drives. It is designed to operate in the background with little interaction from the user, and should the need arise to recover lost or damaged files, the Time Machine interface is intuitive and simple to navigate.

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Macspiration 114 – To Applecare or Not To Applecare

I have never been a fan of extended warranties. They always seem to get you in the end. However, the one extended warranty that I do buy and I do believe in is Applecare. Applecare is more than worth the money for any Mac you buy, and for most iPods (for iPods you have to weigh the cost of Applecare vs. the cost of a new iPod). This Macspiration is about Applecare for your Mac and why I am a believer.

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Comic Boom – Review

The folks at Toon Boom are at it again. In January they released a kid friendly animation software called Flip Boom. Now, they have released another great program call Comic Boom for making comic strips.

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SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse – Review

I had absolutely no problems in setting up the SlimBlade BT mouse for use with my MacBook. Press the power button that is hidden under the slidable trim and look for the green power indicator on the opposite side to glow solid green for three seconds, then depress the mode switch that is located at the scroll wheel for three seconds and you’re ready to go for regular use as a mouse. The SlimBlade is a full featured laser mouse that just performs two functions, both very well.

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MyMac Podcast 195 – I Did Not Inhale

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Bill Dudney returns to cohost this week along with the usual gang of Tim, David, Guy, and Sam. Not a lot of Mac news this week, but we look at the state of the AppStore and much more. Sam joins in with a new Cool Mac Picks, including iPhone apps and a cool backpack.

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MacSales product of the week – Marshall – MXL.006 microphone

Links from the show
GalaFactory Software
‘A Level’ from Posimotion
Chimps Ahoy!
Blackjack 21
Trism Puzzle Game
Trism YouTube links from David Cohen
Sam Levin
SkullCandy Audio Link Pack

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IceCam2 – Review

Most Macs come with built-in iSight cameras nowadays. However, if you have a Mac Mini or a tower, you don’t get a camera. You are on your own to find one. The IceCam2 is an affordable solution to that missing piece of your computer. Even those with a built-in camera might want to give this one a look.

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Animation-ish – Review

When I was in middle school and high school I was always looking for an animation program for my computer. I never found one. They were always to juvenile, or too advanced and expensive. If Animation-ish was around then, I would have found what I was looking for.

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