Marware Sportfolio Sleeve for MacBook Air

Marware Sportfolio Sleeve for MacBook Air
Marware, Inc.
US$ 34.99

Following my (bad) example of rushing in where angels fear to tread, my wife Nancy became an early adopter of the MacBook Air. She’s been extremely pleased with her purchase. Every laptop needs protection when it travels, so the Weeks Division of MyMac Labs reviewed the Marware’s Sportfolio Sleeve for the MacBook Air.

Sleeves are minimalist; the Sportfolio has no handle, carrying strap nor does it have a surplus of pockets. It has one just small flat pouch on the front. The zippered top has two solidly-built pulls.

The Sportfolio is made of neoprene, which provides a goodly amount of protection against everyday bumps and dings. Be advised that the Sportfolio is a sleeve, and sleeves don’t provide the sort of protection against, say, fifty-story falls that heftier bags might.

The neoprene is wonderfully grippy, so accidental drops should not be a problem.

After several long airline trips, and much inserting and removing of the Air into the Sportfolio, I came to the conclusion that it’s a great sleeve, with but one problem.

The case is barely too tight: it’s just a tiny bit too snug a fit. A properly fitted sleeve should allow the user to slide the laptop in with one smooth motion. The Sportfolio fit was tight enough that I had to wiggle and fiddle to get the Air seated all the way to the bottom. Was this a major hassle? No. But it was just annoying enough that I noticed the overly snug fit every time I tried to slide the Air into the sleeve.

Removing the Air from the sleeve was no problem, as it slid right out.

MyMac rating 3 our of 5

I loved the Sportfolio’s neoprene protection and grippy feel, but getting the Air into the sleeve was a bit too much work. If the inside width of the case was 1/8″ greater, the Air would slide in like butter, but still fit well without rattling around

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