Laplogic G800 Aerogel Extreme


Laplogic G800 Aerogel Extreme

Price: $69.95


My Macbook Pro gets hot. Too hot to sit in my lap with extended usage. One of the ways to combat this is to use smcFanControl to adjust the speed of the internal fans to help cool the laptop. But even then, I only trust setting the fans so high before I start worrying about damaging the computer. And that’s where the LapLogic G800 with Aerogel comes in.

Impressions and Observations
Very lightweight. As the G800 is, I would expect it to feel heavier.

Sturdy. The G800 feels very durable. Very well made with quality materials.

Not slippery! This may sound obvious, but many laptop stand makers tend to forget that these computers sitting on a plastic lap stand can become slippery. Many of them come with plastic or rubber feet that stick to the plastic stand to prevent just that, but those pieces tend to fall off after extended use. With the G88, the entire devise is wrapped in a no-slip covering that is both soft to the touch, and very sticky to the computer. Nice!

crappy looking PC not included

Cool in my lap! Really the most important reason I wanted to test out the G800. My Macbook Pro gets too hot on the bottom. Using the G800, that is not a problem. I cannot feel the heat at all.

On the bottom of the G800 there is a sleeve for CDs or DVDs. Just a little pocket. This could come in handy, although I have not used it.

All in all, I really like the G800, and I believe you will, too. Yes, it is a little expensive at $69.95, but I don’t find that price excessive for such a high quality product.

Also of note, I also tested the $79.95 W700, which is simply a wider version of the G800, but with a mouse pad. It, too, works extremely well, and the extra weight of the Scotch-Guard coated nylon mouse made is manageable for those who prefer to use a mouse with their laptop. rating: 4 out of 5 for both.

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