Thumpz Audiowrapz for iPod nano

Thumpz Audiowrapz for iPod nano
Company: iFrogz

Price: Set: $27.99, Wrap:$24.99, Screenz: $6.99

Looking for a unique iPod case for your 3G nano? How about some speakers with that case? Look no further than the iFrogz Audiowrapz speaker case. The Audiowrapz (AWZ) from iFrogz is an interesting case, in that it covers two functions most iPod nano owners might be looking for: iPod protection and integrated speakers. The AWZ case itself is 100% silicone and covers the nano almost completely. The corners are reinforced side bumpers and appear to offer good shock absorbing protection.

There are many colors to choose from:

The only exposed parts are the screen and the click wheel. There is also access to the headphone plug on the bottom of the cover via an opening. However, to charge your unit, you have to remove it from the case. A couple of nice bonuses that come with the AWZ are a clear screen shield you can place over the exposed screen and a “Screenz” cover that fits over the click wheel. Note: you can buy the AWZ as a “set” with cover and Sceenz or not.

There are many “Screenz” covers for the click wheel that you can choose from. You can even buy these separately after you’ve purchased your AW from iFrogz.

At the bottom of the case you see three small speakers. To insert your nano into the case you peel back the top and slide your nano down a plastic tray that is built into the case. You push your nano down to the bottom and the dock connector plugs into the speaker connector at the bottom. Note: there are NO instructions anywhere to be found, so you’ll need to spend a few minutes looking things over and peeling things back.

Once your nano is inserted into the case, you just turn it on and music flows from the speakers. The speakers draw power from the nano so no batteries or external power sources are required.

Let’s talk about the sound quality for a moment. These are tiny little speakers that won’t carry much fidelity or bass response. Yes, they sound a bit tinny. At full volume they can be overwhelmed by heavy metal type music, but I think for the size and ease of use, they sound pretty good. In a way, it turns your nano into a radio like device. As I write this review the Nano AWZ case is standing up on my desk with a song playing…no headphones required.

In conclusion:
The raised molded silicon around the click wheel makes it a bit more difficult to get at the wheel. I wish the AWZ came with some instructions, but it’s not difficult to figure it out. Access to the dock connector would be welcome. I like the complete protection offered by the Audiowrapz. The nano fits snugly into the case and I think it protects the unit quite well. The speakers are small, and lack any strong bass response, but they are welcome and handy. When you plug in headphones, the speakers are disabled.
Using the iFrogz website to configure your case and screenz is easy. As you choose your combination the pictures change to show you what your final choices will look like.

Also note that this case won a Best of Show Award at MacWorld for 2008.

MyMac Rating: 3.5 out of 5


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