Futura Laptop Desk and Laptop Computer Stand


Futura Laptop Desk and Laptop Computer Stand
Company: LapWorks

Price: $30

My car is being serviced. I turn off the television in the waiting room and pull out my PowerBook from my backpack. I open a folded Futura Laptop Desk, set it upon my bony thighs, and place the PowerBook on it, shifting my rear end for an approximation of comfort in the waiting room chairs.

Ten textured raised leatherette no-slip grippers provide friction resistance to keep the PowerBook in place atop the Futura. Its uncushioned undercarriage is neither comfortable nor uncomfortable on my legs, at least during the initial evaluation period. I wonder how long until I’ll wish there is some padding on Futura’s bottom region (not to be confused with not wanting any more padding on my aging undercarriage). But padding would add weight and size to this ultra-slim portable desk and stand.

Heat buildup is minimal when using Futura, which is a real benefit compared to placing a computer directly on your (or my) legs. PowerBook lap desk viewing angle is fine, but MacBook and MacBook Pro display maximum angles, being fewer degrees in pitch, may be slightly insufficient. LapWorks advises, in a pithy understatement: “IMPORTANT: Tilting your lap away from you in a downward angle can create an unstable platform and cause fatal damage to your laptop” — not to mention your pocketbook and sense of humor!

My car is almost ready. Unfortunately, the repair bill will buy several large cartons of Futura Laptop Desks, or a very nice new Mac laptop. It’s time to go home and feel miserable about cars for a while.

Futura has a split personality. Learn all about it here, including photos and an Oscar-quality video starring company CEO José. On a table, desk, or dresser, it folds into a position like the letter V on its side. Flip up an adjustable, angled stopper, like on a deck chair, and you can place your laptop at any of five different angled positions for ideal viewing and typing.

MyMac.com does not rate Futura to be as stable on a desk or table as the InclinePro, reviewed here. But InclinePro costs $75, has only one non-adjustable position, and is not as good as a leg-top laptop desk. For versatility, Futura from LapWorks receives a strong 3.5 out of 5 overall MyMac rating.


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