Wacom Intuos3 Tablet

Wacom Intuos3 Tablet

Recently I reviewed, and loved, the Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. For those that want a more professional tablet, the Intuos is the model you want. I’ve been using the Graphire line of tablets for years and never new what I was missing until I tried the Intuos tablet.

The Intuos is available in several different sizes and models. There are three different Special Edition models which are available in three sizes starting at 6×8, followed by 6×11, and finally the 9×12. The Special Edition models come with a second pen, more pen nibs, and it has a nice looking black casing. I tried the standard model which ranges in sizes starting at 4×6 and going up to 12×19.

Besides pricing, design, and more sizes, there are several differences between the Intuos3 line and the Bamboo Fun line. The tablet has 1024 levels of sensitivity, and the larger amount of levels definitely adds to the natural feel of drawing. Instead of just have the standard plastic pen nib, the Intuos comes with several different nibs to change the feel of the pen. The tablet also has more programmable buttons, and touch strips which can be used for scrolling, zooming and more. The included mouse and pen are also more advanced than that of the Bamboo Fun.

Like the Bamboo Fun the tablets come with a slew of software. Photoshop Elements 4, Painter Essentials 3, and more.

Unlike the Bamboo Fun, the Intuos tablet needs more power than what a USB port on your computer will provide. You’ll need a native port from your computer, or a port on a powered hub.

As I mentioned earlier, drawing on the Intuos tablet is fantastic. I have never drawn with a tablet that is so responsive and natural feeling. If the Bamboo Fun is “fun,” the Intuos tablet is “funner” (yes, I know that is not a word). Drawing on the Intuos has been the closest computer drawing I have done that feels like drawing on paper.

If you are an artist who wants more out of a tablet than the Bamboo Fun, and it fits into your budget, I highly recommend an Intuos3 tablet in any of the models that are available. You will not be disappointed.

MyMac.com rating: 5 out of 5

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