iPod Touch–Wi-Fi Mobile Platform?

“During its quarterly conference call Tuesday, Apple outlined a new vision for the iPod touch, saying it hopes the product will mark the beginning of the first true “Wi-Fi mobile platform” rather than continue to exist solely as a high-end extension of its digital media player business.

Echoed multiple times during the question and answer session of the call, the vision hinges around the expandability of the touch-screen player to offer more than just music, photo, and video playback.

“We believe one of the iPod [touch’s] future directions is to become the first mainstream Wi-Fi mobile platform, running all kinds of mobile applications,” company executives said.”

Of course, I’m not sure what a “Wi-Fi moble platform” really is?
I was going to buy a Touch now that it has most all of the apps I was waiting for.

However, after reading that blurb above…I may wait.

What do you think Apple is up to?

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