Christmas Aussie-style Part II

A friend included this on a Christmas card. I thought you might like to know what REALLY happened.

There were some drovers, camped out in a paddock nearby, keeping an eye on their mob of sheep that night. Their eyes shot out on stalks when an angel of the Lord zapped into view, and the glory of the Lord filled the air like a thousand volts of electricity.

The angel said, “Stop looking like a bunch of stunned mullets. Let me give you the drum, the good oil. It’s top news for the whole crew – everyone, everywhere. Today in that little town on the hill a rescuer has been born. He is the Promised One, the King, the Lord. And here’s how you’ll find him: the little nipper is wrapped up in a bunny rug, and lying in a food trough.”

And before you could say, “Well, I’ll be blowed!” the whole sky was filled with more angels than you could count, all singing away at the top of their lungs (if angels have got lungs, that is), “God is great! God is bonzer! And to everyone on this planet who’s on God’s side, peace and good will. And by the way, Happy Christmas.” (Which rather confused the drovers, because they’d never hear of Christmas before.)

Suddenly the whole choir had nipped off in the blink of an eye. The drovers said to each other, “We’d better make tracks to Bethlehem and have a squiz at what’s happened – check out this message from God”

So the lot of them shot through like a Toorak tram to Bethlehem, and they found Mary, and Joe and the baby who was, sure enough, wrapped in a bunny rug and lying in a food trough. When they saw this they told every Tom, Dick and Harry about what had happened, and everyone who heard the story was blown away by it.

But Mary just made a mental note of these things and tucked them away in a corner of her heart.

The drovers went back to the paddock and their mob of sheep, as excited as a race horse on Melbourne Cup day, and saying what a bottler God was, because everything was spot on – just as they’d been told.

It’s all true. Really!

And just to finish off, a few lines from an Australian Christmas carol :

Oh little babe of Bethlehem
The Southern Cross shines down
Where once a star shone glorious
Above an eastern town.

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