From Agent Apple 007 to Turkeygate

After viewing the pictures of the Apple opening in Japan, I couldn’t help but think that Steve Jobs has become James Bond. The place looks like it should be the set of a movie, not reality. And Apple, of course, is always making the greatest stuff in their laboratories. Some of them even explode during the experimentation stage, just like on the “real” James Bond movie set. Pixar, of course, is already in the land of movies and make-believe.

The analogy to 007 breaks down however, because, in the movie, the Apple Store set would usually be the evil lair of the mastermind bent on world domination. Apple couldn’t be both Chaos and Control, could it? Maybe that building is from Get Smart, not James Bond. Hmmm. Maybe could there are two sides to Apple. The eccentric genius and the controlling freak? No, that would be unlikely and unprecedented. Nobody rises to the top and…….

Sorry, I was interrupted by a news report. Well, news as best you can get these days. It is a story on on Turkeygate. You know what Turkeygate is don’t you? Turkeygate is the latest in a long line of clever advertising tricks used to dupe people. It is a national pastime, and used by both political parties in their attempt to fool all of the people all of the time. You can read about it by clicking here.

Before you get complacent and think I am bashing Steve Jobs or George Bush, I am not. I am not bashing Abe Lincoln or John Kennedy either. (I don’t bash, I merely describe 🙂

Do we know which type of leader is best? Is it controlling freak and eccentric genius, or is it eccentric freak and controlling genius? Or a controlling eccentric freak or an eccentric genius freak?

You may define me however you wish. We should also be sure to define our leaders as they are, and not as their advertising wishes us to see them.

I hate advertising. Advertising is lies. Communicating and advertising are not the same thing.

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