Leopard Arrived

I’m been home sick for the past few days, whatever is going around came to visit me. So this morning, when the FedEx guy arrived at 9:32 am with a little bundle of joy, Mac OS 10.5, it kinda cheered me up.

The Good News… Leopard is here!
The Bad News… Leopard is here!

Background- I’m running a G4 PowerMac MDD 867 Dual, with 1.5 gigs of ram. (Yes, I know, I just made it) I prepared for Leopard by removing one of the old internal hard drives that I had 10.3.9 and OS 9 on, and added a WD 160 gig hard drive. I started the installation at 10:32 am and it finished at 11:31 am. (of course the last 9 minutes were shown as “less than 1 minute remaining.”

Restart, starts up, looks good… transfer all info and apps over from the primary HD and then things start to get a bit strange. Click on System Prefs in the dock and the beach ball appears… and spins and spins and spins. Finally, Force Quit.. several times to get it to do so. Right click on the desktop to change the desktop background and … nothing.

Ok, let’s try Disk Utility and have it Repair permissions.. click on it and 10 minutes later, the barber pole is still rotating. Ok, enough’s enough. Put the install DVD back in, restart and select Utilities. Click on Verify Disk, it does so, then click on “repair” and it tells me the “Disk could not be unmounted.” Click again and it goes through the process, no repairs needed.

Click on Repair Permissions… and the barber pole starts and keeps on going, 10 minutes, 15 minutes… time to quit out. Restart computer selecting the HD with Leopard on it. Starts up, able to change background picture, begin to check out things… Like the look of Mail, (version 3.0 (912.1/912); Safari 3.0.4 (5523.10) and what ever else I’m opening up. Oh, yeah, click on Software Update… you guessed it, spinning beach ball, doesn’t want to quit when told…

I really like the look of Leopard, the changes to the way folders display contents as a fan spread and I’m continuing to explore. Will get back and let you know how things proceed with repairing permissions and any other issues that may arise.


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