PDO Reviso iPhone Case

PDO Reviso iPhone Case

Company: PDO
Price: $29.99


PGO’s Reviso receives 2 1/2 out of five stars for style. This black leather case sports two attractive racing stripes . . . on the inside where no one can see them. Unless you talk on the phone in the case up to your ear. But then you have to take the case off your belt . . .

The Reviso gets 3 stars for substance. The stitching is good and the construction of the case is sturdy and feels like it would protect your iPhone were it not for the completely open face. To counter that “feature” there is a full face stick-on screen protector that covers the entire front of the iPhone exposed by the case with cutouts for the receiver and the home button.

Sorry, only 2 stars for utility. To begin with, it’s uncomfortable to wear. The belt clip is only oriented vertically, and is so low on the case it gouges into your side every time you bend. (Especially getting in and out of the car.) If you lift the velcro flap and unholster the phone to use it, you have to fumble around to get the phone reholstered . . . and then your shirt is in the way of the velcro flap. Granted the unique cut-out design allows you to use the phone up to your ear while still in the case. All the touch-screen features are available with the case on, too. But it’s just too clumsy to get the holster off and onto your belt to use it that way. That sure is a good sturdy clip!

Other Plusses
The PDO Reviso’s design allows easy access to all controls while fully holstered.

MyMac.com rating: 2.5 out of 5

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