Road hazards

I hear many people complaining about cell phone using drivers.
I just got back from a 1,500 mile roadtrip and saw people doing all kinds of dangerous things on the road, but I didn’t have to go out on the nation’s highways to find them.
Today I had a women in front of me brushing her hair out while talking on the phone! How many hands does she have? Yesterday I passed a guy doing 75 mph (yes, I was doing 80 mph) who was flossing his teeth! When I lived in CA a fellow passed me on the freeway doing 80 mph, steering the car with his knees, while he had a drumstick in each hand, he was “playing” the visor!
Listening to talk radio one day, the fellow asked people to call him and tell him what you are doing in the car besides driving. One woman called to say she balances her checkbook while driving.

The fact is, people have always been doing stupid things in cars, but with the advent of the cell phone there seems to be more of them.

What have you seen people doing on the roadways (please keep it clean, this is a family site) and do you think it’s worse out there?

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