DLO Action Jacket for iPod Nano, 2nd generation

DLO Action Jacket for iPod Nano, 2nd generation
Company: Digital Lifestyle Outfitters

Price: $29.99 MSRP

For well over two years now, I’ve been using a DLO Action Jacket for my iPod Shuffle, primarily when I’m running or working out. When I upgraded to an iPod Nano, 2nd generation, it was only logical that I also upgrade to DLO’s Action Jacket for iPod Nano, 2nd generation.

Running 2-plus miles, usually five times a week, can put the iPod under a lot of stress, primarily from weather and high moisture, as in sweat. I’ve learned that the DLO Action Jacket does a great job of preventing harsh conditions from impacting upon the iPod.

Again, I did take a look at Apple’s version of an armband for the iPod Nano, and as before, it just didn’t strike me as being the right item for what the iPod was going to be going through. The Action Jacket’s padded soft neoprene case really protects your iPod during any type of activity and the workout-ready armband fits any arm size (6 inch to 20 inch). The iPod case has a rotating belt clip that securely attaches the iPod anywhere and it rotates a full 180 degrees for perfect positioning on your belt, the armband or a pocket. A clear vinyl screen covers and protects the iPod controls from dirt and sweat while you’re wearing it. I can tell you that in two years of use, the Action Jacket for the iPod Shuffle had no problems with the vinyl screen cracking or scratching up.

I experienced no problems at all in operating the iPod Nano through the Action Jacket. Turn on, off; flick through the music listings; playlists and controlling the volume were simple and easy. Rotating the iPod through using it on the armband, switching arms, using just the belt clip, the Action Jacket does a great job of protecting your investment. While the neoprene case kept the iPod nice and dry and clean, those of you considering buying it must remember that it is NOT waterproof. Please don’t take it swimming!

Running or exercising with the Action Jacket was not a problem at all. During all the runs or working out, the armband never slipped and if I decided to just clip the case on my waistband, it was kept secured. When all was said and done, just a simple wipe down was all that was needed if the case became wet due to sweat. Nothing is going to get to the unit to make it dirty, not with this case.

If you are considering an armband for your iPod, you would be very well served to consider a DLO Action Jacket. Since it also comes in a variety of colors, you can even match it up with your Nano’s color or maybe you just want to make a fashion statement. Whatever the reason, check out the Action Jacket. Well worth the money!

Highly Recommended.

MyMac rating: 5 out of 5

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