SendStation Dock Extender

Dock Extender

Price: $28.95

Back in May of 2006 I blogged about wanting a product that would allow you to connect adapters to your iPod without having to remove the case. Well, if you are like me, and have been asking for a similar product, SendStation has finally come to the rescue with the Dock Extender.

The Dock Extender does exactly what the name implies. It extends the dock connection of your iPod about an inch and looks like an iPod cable without the cable part. Attaching it to your iPod gives you that clearance needed to attach most iPod accessories without having to take the iPod out of the case. SendStation says that the Extender fits all cases with a dock connector opening, and the few I tried it with worked fine.  The only accessories the Extender will not work with are Nano accessories that also connect to the headphone connector.

I tested several accessories with the Dock Extender, and they all worked perfectly.

For me the Dock Extender itself would be enough to buy the product. However, the package comes with a Universal Dock insert and a wire support for the iPod when using the extender and insert in a docking device, like speakers. The support has three sets of wire bumpers to protect your iPod, as well.

At a price of $28.95, this is a must have if you hate removing your iPod case to every time you want to use another dock connecting accessory. Rating: 5 out of 5


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