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The Download Drawer of Freebies

If there is a program out there for sale, most likely there is a free program that is a lot like it. Here’s a few great free programs I have recently discovered.

Bean is like TextEdit on steroids. It is a great free word processor that does more than TextEdit, but less than Word and Pages. It even saves in Word 97 format. If you need a word processor, but you don’t need many advanced features you should check this one out.

Kompozer is one of the best free WYSIWYG HTML editors I have played it. It is easy to use, and works great. It is not as full featured as Dreamweaver, but it will do the job for simple sites. I use it for a simple website I do for a summer camp.

CB Model Pro
CB Model Pro is a great, EASY TO USE, 3D modeling program. There are several 3D programs out there, free and for sale, and most are to complicated. This one is great. It is like modeling a piece of clay in the computer.

If you need a burning programming, but can’t afford Toast, check out burn. It is feature rich, and you can’t beat the price.

I use the shareware program AppZapper for delete applications and associated files from my computer. AppDelete does the same thing for free. It is not as fast as AppZapper, but it does the job.

With the recent release of iQuiz for the iPod, I have to mention iQuizMaker. This is a free program that will allow you to make quizzes for iQuiz. There are even several quizzes on the site to download.

Finally, Xpad is a notepad program which is full of features beyond your basic notepad program. It use to be shareware, but recently became free.
That will do it for today’s list. A bunch of freebies to add to your applications folder.


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